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We offer several support programs from comprehensive maintenance programs to simple pay per incident support. Your first call is free. Contact us for more details..... (800) 279-3057


For support with your specific issue call today.... (800) 279-3057


Productivity means your computers are up and running:
24/7 tech support
If we were to rank all of our products and services in terms of importance, support would be #1. With Mirecal your computer systems are #1. Keeping you up and running can be the difference between a making a profit and losing money.

When you are up and running, you are happy and content, but when something goes wrong, it is great to have someone to call. We offer complete technical support services including:

  24/7 On-Site tech support
  24/7 telephone support
  Maintenance Contracts
  Network Engineering and Assessment
  Network Monitoring
  Complete on and off-site backups
  Desktop support

Someone asked me the other day "So what exactly do you do?" I thought about it for a moment and answered, "If you are a small business and you have a computer or network issue, you call us and we get it resolved.... It is just that simple."

We are essentially your on-site technology support department. Every chance we have to help you we will do so, from the simplest e-mail issue, to the most complex project analysis, we can be your complete technical support department.

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"Tech Support gives you an
anchor to keep you from
drifting into the rocks!

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