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Dell Business Affiliates

Custom interfaces developed for the following

T-Mobile Custom Transportation Interface

Dell Custom Payment Screen

UL Custom Show Management Screen

Special login and order system for Transportation to Tradeshows

As you can see by our site we take pride in the development of a web presence. Below are some of the customers who have chosen Mirecal for their web design.
Business Intelligence
Yes, this is a buzz word but think about it how often does your technology really make your company more profitable? How many off the shelf packages have you tried. How much time do you need to to start becoming streamiled and more efficient... all you need is one phone call to Mirecal, Inc.

T3 - Tradeshow Trish Transportation:
Remote Access at its very finest
A few months ago I was challenged by one of my clients. They wanted to have remote offices and be able to connect to their system from anywhere in the world. I took on that challenge and went on to create a world class wide area data network. With this technology my client was able to connect from remote locations. This allowed her the freedom of running her company from the comfort of her home or on the road from a hotel room.

It is challenges like this that make life interesting. It is the client that pushes the technology and it is Mirecal that fulfills those requests. If you have a challenging situation we would like to hear about it, we have experts that are waiting for your challenge, call (800) 279-3057 today.


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