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(1) Purchase a Router. Then turn on NAT or (Networ Address Translation) This insulates you from network traffic and allows the router to inspect each incomming request and routes it to a specific internal address.
(2) Install an Antivirus Program. Norton Antivirus and Mcafee are my two suggestions.
(3) Install a software Firewall. Zone Alarm and Black ICE are two suggestions.
(4) Use Microsoft Update. Keep your system updated with the latest patches and service packs.
(5) DO NOT Open Unknown email. Most Viruses enter your system through email. They then use email to spread themselves. If you are not expecting something from someone don't open it if it looks suspicious.
(6) Keep your virus protection up to date. Do not allow your virus program to be out of date you should update it a minimum of every two weeks.
(6) Call Mirecal Immediately if your computer does anything out of the ordinary. We can save you hours of reinstallation and rebuilding if you call us before a virus or hacker has a chance to deploy their payload.
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Latest Security Threats
Updated 09/05/2003

Is your Microsoft Office Vulnerable?
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How can maintenance prevent viruses?
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Sobig.x fastest spreading virus ever!
Symantec's press release about Sobig.F

Download ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall
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A Quick Note about Viruses and Hacks
If your computer does anything out of the ordinary. Locks up repeatedly. Programs stop running. There is an hourglass and nothing happens. You notice error messages. All of this can add up to viruses. Some people don't even notice that their virus protection program is off. If you see anything strange, Update your system, check your virus protection... make frequent backups... and call (800) 279-3057. Don't let viruses and hackers ruin your day.

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