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Mirecal Technology and Information systems planning and service

Dell Business Affiliates

Custom interfaces developed for the following

T-Mobile Custom Transportation Interface

Dell Custom Payment Screen

Special login and order system for Transportation to Tradeshows

A Roadmap to Success:
Builing a Technology plan is simple
Creating a technology plan can be a simple process. Most of the work has already been done by you. You have identified a need and now you need a technology expert to match your needs with right technology. Many companies see thier costs go up because they purchase their technology with no real plan. Integrating systems that are dissimilar can be a challenge. Call Mirecal before you make your next big technology purchase.

Here are some tips to creating a great Technology plan:
(1) Ask yourself how can technology help my company?
(2) How many users will I have and what do they need?
(3) What services can we outsource to save on costs?
(4) What will the system look like in 1 - 5 years?
(5) What can we start on today?

Call today and recieve a free technology consultation: (800) 279-3057


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A Voyage with a plan will succeed!
Mirecal, Inc. Technology Experts
Creating a plan can be as simple as identifying your goals and setting a budget. We have included some tips to make your Technology plan a success.