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Dell Business Affiliates

Custom interfaces developed for the following

T-Mobile Custom Transportation Interface

Dell Custom Payment Screen

Special login and order system for Transportation to Tradeshows

About our Founder:

President/CEO Mirecal, Inc.

In the spring of 2000 Mirecal, Inc. was founded. It had been a long struggle to manage businesses for other individuals. Because of our knowledge of business we had been called in on several occasions to save small businesses from the brink of disaster. Technology spending and overburdening operating expenses were typically the source of many problems. Technology was an area where companies needed to cut their budget.

Unfortunately business owners were not willing to cut the budget because they thought their IT team was needed to operate sucessfully. I explained to many of them that their systems run without an IT department watching the screen. Some of them were willing to take the leap on my advice and I created Mirecal to fill the IT needs on an as needed basis. We also added planning and consulting to the mix to bring a virtual CTO to each client. It is great having an executive level person availale to answer complex questions about business and technology.

This program has been a tremendous success for our clients. Many budgets have been saved from the burdens of IT support personnell. We have a broad base of customers who use Mirecal on a regular basis.

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Our Mission?
To be a bridge between technology and small businesses. To serve customers with integrity and character. To be an off-site source of technology and information systems expertise and knowledge.